Welcome to Billings, TBEX Attendees!

We're excited that you're coming to our neck of the woods. We've compiled a list of our favorite experiences and things to do in our hometown.

Billings is laid back and casual. You can go anywhere in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Locals love our brewery culture and the great outdoors. We hope you enjoy your time here!

— Josh & Jessica, Cardsetter Founders 👋

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Outdoor Experiences🌲

Things to Do in Town 😃

Local Eats 🍔

Billings' vibe is generally "Montana Casual" (you can wear jeans to any of our restaurants) but the flavors you'll find around town, are anything but. Here are a few of our favorite local spots.

Breweries 🍻

Ciders & Spirits 🥃

Nightlife 💃

Caffeine ☕

Shopping 🛍️

Happenings 😀

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