Drones & Conent Creation

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

12:15 PM 5:00 PMUTC

Cost: $197.00USD


This workshop is for people who have a drone in their kit, but know they aren’t using it to its full potential. We will get hands-on experience in a photogenic area outside Billings and fly to practice various techniques and styles. We will then move to a classroom setting and cover how to make (more) money with your drone and aerial content.


  • Flying and shooting: learn to go beyond the basic settings and modes to get better pictures and video
  • Editing and managing footage: streamline your post-production process and stop uploading blurry video on Instagram
  • Admin and equipment: the practical, sometimes boring, but important stuff, that’s usually skipped
  • Drones in your business: making MONEY with your drone

Given the variety of drones available, this workshop will be tailored to the attendees. Prior to the workshop, we will discuss your gear, editing tools and goals to make sure everyone gets the most out of it.

Flying and shooting:

  • Flying techniques
  • Launching and crowds
  • Dealing with water (and glare)
  • Shooting hyperlapse
  • Taking great “dronefies”
  • Using different modes (follow, waypoint, etc.)
  • Frame rates and other adjustments
  • Dealing with different weather scenarios


  • Managing footage
  • Presets
  • Export settings for social uploads (stop posting blurry video on Instagram!)

Admin and equipment:

  • Licensing and registration (when is it needed?)
  • Insurance options (both equipment and liability)
  • Warranty, maintenance and repair
  • GPS/beacon options
  • The practical planning of traveling with your drone

Drones in your business:

  • Contracts and disclosures
  • Selling your footage
  • Stock sites and additional ways to make money with your drone
  • Networks and resources for pilots


  • Drone (charge your batteries, remote, etc.)
  • Note: To fly in the US, you will need to have your drone registered with the FAA; if you have not done so already, this is $5 and takes a few minutes.
  • Any items you want to practice with – filters, etc.
  • Computer you edit with

Drones and Content Creation Workshop leader Jessica Elliott is on a mission to visit every country in the world and bring everyone along with her through photos, video and stories. She has a BA in journalism and a Master’s degree in Innovation and Change; however, her real skill is plugging in a USB in 2 or less tries (most of the time). She chose her blog name, How Dare She , because she believes daring isn’t about being fearless, but choosing to opt in, regardless of fear.

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