Influencers vs. DMOs: Vetting and the Game of Expectations

Thursday, September 12, 2019

5:45 PM 6:35 AMUTC

Influencers and DMOs have been trying to figure out how to establish a (healthy) working relationship ever since influencer marketing became “the thing”. Whether and how much should influencers charge destinations for promotional campaigns and what deliverables should DMOs require from influencers are some of the FAQs. But both parties often forget about mutual expectations management. Influencers expect to be rewarded for their influence, audiences expect to be presented with engaging quality content, DMOs expect to gain exposure for their brand/destination, and local tourism stakeholders expect some return on their investment. This session will be about ticking all those 4 boxes. Because with one of the boxes unticked, the whole cooperation goes into vain.


  • How to establish a healthy working relationship
  • How to manage your own and others’ expectations
  • How to evaluate your real influence more precisely
  • How to learn what destinations really need
  • How to pitch and deliver ROI

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