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"Bloggers and digital nomads shouldn't discount the old fashioned importance of meeting in person with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Doing so has had an incredible impact on my business and earning potential. Not only have I been motivated by what others in my community are doing, but I have also gained an incredible base of immensely practical, profit-generating information.

I'm lucky that my city has a government-funded entrepreneurship center which hosts free seminars for small business owners. In the beginning, I attended every single one I could - including those that had nothing to do with my work whatsoever - and I learned everything from how to run bookkeeping software, how to register and collect federal taxes (for Canada), what I need to look for when hiring a graphic designer, how to generate sales through networking, how to write SEO friendly web copy, and so much more.

Okay, maybe I didn't need to attend that seminar on what restaurant owners need to know about international export laws, but just about everything else has been immensely helpful!!

If you aren't so fortunate to have an entrepreneurship center in your city, check with your local YMCA. Many have a small business program or can make helpful referrals."

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